The Doctor's Out; Can I Take A Message

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The other day I caught up with a series of webisodes called Sexless and after watching 4 episodes I thought it should be called The Young and The Thirsty. For those who don't know what Thirsty means, here is a definition from Urban Dictionary:
To be thirsty, is to over actively: investigate, long for, covet, in some occasions intensely staring, or bold displays of desperation.
To be honest, I have mixed opinions about this show. On one hand I dislike how it displays this sad version of women who crave male attention at the expense of their dignity and pride. But on the other hand, it shows the thirst so that women can identify it in themselves.

As I thought more about the show, I found myself thinking up things I would say to the various women, like

  • If the man tells you he is seeing other people and is pushing for you to be intimate with him, is he really the man you want to be with?
  • Stop being a cock tease, honey. You can't be flirting and giving men the belief that they can get the cookies then tell them the kitchen is closed;
  • If you want to be more than friends, tell the man. If he wants the same, woohoo. If not let it go and move on. In case you didn't know there are other men out there, just open your eyes.

Then I stopped. I accepted that these women are young, they have yet to learn the facts of life and in this race to find Mr. Right and settle down, they will meet a lot of Mr. Wrongs and Mr. Not Right Nows. I also stopped because I know I did my fair share of stupid ish. Hell, I'm still doing stupid ish and most likely will do more in the future. Who am I to judge?

I noticed that I am always quick to give people solutions and advice but I rarely take the time to give myself the advice I needed. I was like the carpenter who's house is never finished, the seamstress who wore boring clothing and the doctor whose family always gets sick. It's only when we are instructed to take care of ourselves first then take care of the people we love that we actually do it. Through church and society we are told to take care of everyone before ourselves.

It was only recently that a concept became apparent to me,
They say treat others like you would treat yourself, but what if you don't like yourself? What if you treat yourself badly? Won't you treat others badly too?
I treat myself badly when I don't nurture myself. I treat myself badly when I berate myself for making a mistake. I treat myself badly when I don't stand up for myself, when I didn't give myself the advice I need, when I don't ensure that I am happy. I treat myself badly when I put the needs of others before my own needs which leads to unhappiness and resentment.

It's time that this doctor took the time to look after herself because if she doesn't how can she look after someone else?

How about you? Are you treating yourself badly? How can you treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated? Leave your answers in the comments below. And don't forget to share because sharing is caring.

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