Love a la Kimolisa

7:31 PM

There was a time when I didn't care for the following, it was what happened to other people, not for me. Then I bought into the idea, basically what these pictures portray or what the quote says. The thing is that doesn't happen all the time, but when it happens, treasure it. When it's real protect it. When these moments happen less than the less than beautiful moments, it's time to let go.
The sad thing is some of us want to fall in love, have the relationship, live happily ever after with any poor sap. It's time to change that thinking, without truly loving someone these same beautiful moments are as manufactured and produce as any blockbuster movie. When you are in that moment with the right person, the lighting will be perfect, everything will feel right. So stop looking for love, start looking for happiness.

Yes, people start looking for happiness, strangely enough love will find it's way in. This brings me to this next pic, drama is everywhere but it doesn't mean you have to put up with it. Live the simple life. Good food. Good company. Good experiences. Do what you love. Be happy, or at least get as close as possible.

And if you need to learn how, you can start off with following the pic below.

When I looked at the date of the above picture, 2005, I thought to myself, what have I truly accomplished over the last 4 years. No, I'm not trying to make myself depress, it's just self reflection. It's an incentive to make the next 4 years a whole lot memorable.

Of course, the pics came from ffffound and I love, love, love these sites, me being a visual person and all.

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