The Ramen Girl

9:01 PM

I never knew that I was a Britney Murphy fan till I finished watching The Ramen Girl. She is one of those actresses that make chick flicks that is easy on the mind. I also like Jennifer Lopez, I always stop to watch her flicks when I'm channel surfing. Monster-In-Law and Enough are a couple of my favourite films. I drift.

The Ramen Girl is about a women who gets dumped by her boyfriend weeks after she has moved to Tokyo to be with him. After some soul searching and interaction with the couple who run a Ramen Shop, she decides to become a Ramen chef and trains with the Ramen Shop owner, not an easy task. In the course of the movie she finds and loses love, learns discipline, and becomes a Ramen Chef with her own flare. In the end she earns the respect of her teacher, opens her own shop and a little happy ending.

Okay, it's a chick flick, a female version of the karate kid with chop sticks not karate chops. It was funny in parts and although I didn't cry, I came kinda close. All in all, I liked it. Also it is a good example of finding what you want to do and doing it no matter how hard it is.

Here is the trailer:

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