So What Do I Want?

9:22 PM

After watching The Secret, I decided to take control of my life and I made a list of things I was going to do. The first thing I had down was take care of unfinished business and the second thing was to decide what I wanted. In this post I'm going to deal with those two things.

Taking Care of Business
I've mentioned this guy before, Zen. I'm not going to lie to you, I was hung up on this guy. The problem is he is not on the market, he is not worthy. Took me a while to accept the former and another while to realize the latter. I gave him too much power, my power. To the point I could not give up cold turkey on him without feeling a loss. So I did my final act of letting go. Check this crazy rationale:

Some delusional or psychic part of me thinks he needs help, saving or something. So I called him and asked him how he was doing and if he was happy. After a medium length conversation and confirmation that he would survive we said our good byes. At some level, I saw him as a friend, but I won't be calling him as often and I doubt I'll be seeing him. You know what? I'm okay with that. I dealt with my unfinished business.

What Do I Want
Okay, universe, here is my order and it's on the internet so you can always check back to see what I want.


- I want a flat stomach and have higher level of stamina;
- I want my slender legs back;
- I want a healthy body;
- I want to be diabetes free;
- I want to have a better prosture;

- I want to develop and grow Kimolisa Was Here into a strong business;
- I want to make a living from Kimolisa Was Here;
- In five years, I want Kimoisa Was Here to generate $100,000.00 in sales;
- I want to generate enough money to travel every year, provide for my family when I have one and be able to put aside for when I retire. Also I would like to be able to give some to charity;


- I want to make 2-3 close local friends;
- I want to meet a good man who I find attractive and who I will eventually marry;

Family & Home
- I want 2-3 kids, the first being a boy;
- I want a house with a wrap around veranda with a swing. A studio in the back with a view of the sea. A decent yard and a small garden with a couple fruit trees.
- I want to go on boat trips a couple times a year;
- I want to be a great wife and mother;

- I want to have adventures when I travel;

Instead of focusing my mind and energy on things that will never be, I'm going to carve out my niche in the world. This is my life and only I am responsible for my own happiness. The above is what I want and I am going to get all of them.

(Here is a little secret, at the end of it all it would be nice to own a pastry shop, that will be closer to my retirement age.)

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