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My all time favourite song is "Summertime" and I figure it is a favourite of a couple people since there are so many covers of it. I'm sure I had heard it before but it was while listening to it on a cd I bought in Italy of Jazz music I fell in love with it. I must say I like the Janis Joplin version of it, so that's first on the playlist below. Fantasia's version was kinda cheeky and that is second. Last is Jill Scot with George Benson and this is the first one I ever heard as a duet, but they did the song justice and I loved the scatting.

Enjoy the Summertime playlist!!

Music Playlist at

I think I've been stunting myself musically, I never realized how much I enjoy Jill Scott's music (note to self: start buying cds). I am going to take a little time out of my days and look for more music I can enjoy. I'll share what I find on later posts.

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