I'm taking a Sabbatical

9:05 AM

Over the last couple days I noticed, I've been spending a lot of time on the internet. Hours would melt away and I would have nothing physical to show. Even today I had planned to start off cleaning my apartment and ended up spending two hours on the internet. I was checking emails, checking blogs, etc, etc, etc...

I sewed a shirt last night and it was like I sewed for the first time. I have not worked on any artwork and I have three screens ready to be shot. My vision boards are falling and I feel like it's a metaphor for my life. It's as though I've given up on my dreams and falling into the old routine.

I'm not blaming blogging, in fact I love blogging but I need to put priority on the things that are part of my goals. It's time to be active again. I don't expect it to be easy sailing but I plan, no I endeavour to make my dreams a reality.

I'll be honest with you, there is a fear in me, it reminds me that it won't be easy. It tells me not to put myself out, that I will not making, and there are times when it doesn't even have a reason, it just says don't do it. So I am taking this time to face this fear, to develop new habits, to take steps towards being happier.

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