Jerry and The Other One

8:55 PM

I'm just sharing.

Where I 7-to-5, we sell snacks and the guy who brings them in every morning would sometimes bring his grandson by marriage aka step-grandson. Lord have mercy, I am so happy they will not be seeing this blog, but that child needs Jesus or a 2x4 to the back of his head. Calling him spoiled is an understatement and his obvious need for attention is cloying. In this post I consider him the other one because his annoying existence makes me want him far away than hey, what's your name.

So today, the guy came with this other kid and he is the opposite of the other one. He stays out of the way, he isn't buzzing all over the place. At one point he is entertaining himself with a tennis ball. So impressed with this kid, we played around and I even found out his name, the long version of Jerry. To the point he was giving me his full name.

This got me thinking that at the end of the day, it's the parents. It's the parents responsibility to nurture their kids to the point where they aren't afraid to try things but know that they will get support when it's desperately needed. There should be an understanding that yes we can talk about any topic under the sun, but the parent is the parent and the child is the child. A child should not have to look outside the home to make sure all their needs are met. By needs I mean food, clothing, shelter and love.

There are too many young people out there that need to be directed in the right way but they are too far gone on the wrong path. All we can do is look to our own kids and to make them the best so we can start putting this world right.

I'm just saying.

I get a newsletter from the Happy Guy and a couple days ago I got the following and it makes sense.


A father and his son, a young adult, were driving to the cottage. The father was worried, because his son had fallen into companionship with people who might lead him astray, and he was trying to help his son see that it was time for him to take his life a little more seriously.

“Aw, dad, I know you mean well, and I know I’m not really doing you proud, but I like to party. I’ll get on the right track some day. I don’t need to worry.”

They drove a little further, when suddenly the son said, “Hey dad, that was the turnoff for the cottage. You missed the turnoff.”

“I know,” said the father. “I think I’ll just keep driving this way for a while. I can always go back later to take the right road.”

A few more minutes – and a couple turnoffs – passed. The son began to think of the swimming he would miss if they arrived too late. “Dad, the farther you go down this road, the longer it will take to
get back.”

The father replied, “That’s true. The further you go down the wrong track, the harder it is to get back. So when were you thinking of turning your life around to head down the right track?”

Where do you want to go? What do you want out of life? Most importantly, what are you waiting for?

That's all folks.

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