OG to NG

1:21 PM

The other day I got my head all askew over this guy from the past. Let's call him OG, original guy. Out of the blue he called and because I still consider him as a friend, we spoke amicably. Over a week or so, we talked a couple times and I decided this week, that I'm not going to get back into that. I called him and I couldn't get the words out that I'm not available for him. I did it for Zen and I should be able to do it for OG. Well, he was doing something and said he will call me back, he hasn't and I'm not calling him.

Still I had to convince myself that I don't need him, he doesn't need me. So yesterday, while I was at work, a guy I knew came in and we chatted for over an hour. He was a guy I found interesting (aka attractive) but at one point I got rejected, so I stepped back. He had come in a few weeks back and I was surprised that he was friendly but I let it slide. Yesterday, he was flirting. NG, new guy, said something that took me aback, I was kidding around and he was feigning being affronted and said he thought we were friends.

Now don't worry, I'm not going to go all smitten over NG. I don't know his game and I've got a new angle on life and I don't want to be distracted by something that isn't real. What I am appreciative of is that he took my mind off of OG. By freeing up my mind I was able to get some rest and get some work done. If anything I'm sending out a thank you to NG.

Okay, I might be vague and meandering, so I apologize now.

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