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Okay, I'm supposed to be throwing away my pass but I had a beer and got tipsy, so I took a break. Before taking said break I found an old magazine page with movie reviews and it had a movie I was interested in seeing at the time.

The movie is called Penelope, the story is about a young heiress who is plagued by a family curse whereas the first daughter born after the curse was made would look like a pig. The curse continues to say that it would be broken only if she finds true love with "one of her own kind", so with her mother's vigorous insistence she interviews many suitors of the blue blood variety. Unfortunately, when she reveals herself, they locate the nearest exit. The one who left before signing the gag order went straight to the police but wasn't believed and is overheard by a reporter who publishes a story of him having a breakdown. Trying to force the reporter to retract the story he meets a reporter who was reporting on the story of Penelope's birth. Both trying to clear their name, they send in a blue blood down on his luck to take a picture of Penelope. Max starts to fall in love Penelope and although she reveals herself to him, he still cares for her. Now they don't live happily ever after....yet. That is all in the first half of the movie. For the second half, check out the movie.

Now, you know I only review movies when I really like them or hate them. I liked this one. It was in a fairy tale format but it was in the present. I like the aesthetics and the story line. It had a strong message and it had it's amusing and touching parts (no, I didn't cry). I would say yeah, watch it, just for something different. Check out the trailer below.

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