Random Pics

8:22 PM

I honestly didn't know what to post, so I went looking for pics. You know me they are random pics. I found these at izismile.com.

I've become a CSI Miami fan and I love how this guy would make a quip and walk away, I wish I could do it in real life. So you see why I find this cool and funny.

Babies. Cats. Zombie Reference. Funny.

Wheeee!!! Michele, should we try?

They would have to explain what this nothing is if I'm paying $50.00 on it. Is it taxable? I would hate to pay taxes on nothing.

I feel I'm now on the opposite side of the Facebook phenomena whereas I'm not checking it constantly and a couple days have passed and I don't feel a tightness in my chest. Okay, maybe, I don't get tightness in my chest.

For all those people who don't know how to put on a condom, please take notes.

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