Love Again

9:01 PM

I know, I know, I'm renouncing love, but I couldn't resist these pics. XOXO

My test, or at least one of them, for seeing if a guy is the ideal person is if I sleep with them like this and wake up well rested. By the way where am I suppose to put my other arm? Do I lie on it? Do I tuck it under the guy? I must say my favourite is when he's behind me and I'm in his arms and my fingers interlace with his. Yes, world, I am a romantic!! Want to make something of it!?!? LOL.

Yessir, I am changing my heart. I am loving me.

Sometimes it makes you hold on to things that make no sense. Fortunately, you see their true colours and you learn to move on.

I love the colours in this picture.

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