101 Things to Do In 1001 Days

8:02 PM

I came across this on 20 Something Bloggers where there is actually a group for this project, 101 in 1001. At first I thought yeah, I could this and went to the website for the project, Day Zero and it had a lot of great resources. Of course I chickened out because the more you are told that you never finish anything, the more you internalize it and never finish anything. As you read in my last post, I'm throwing caution to the wind. I'm doing this shyt. Below is the beginning of my list.

1. Go Fishing
2. Learn to Rollerblade properly
3. Take part in mas
4. For a year read 12 literary classics
5. Watch 12 must see movies and review
6. Learn and develop makeup for the following
1. Minimal face
2. Evening face
3. Extravagant face
7. Do a YouTube video
8. Get a new tattoo
9. Plan a Euro trip
10. Sky dive
11. Visit Barbuda
12. Go to a masquerade ball in a creative costume
13. Make 5 killer gowns
14. Learn self defense
15. Make cinnamon rolls
16. Have a grown up relationship with a man
17. Learn how to cook liver (I sometimes have low iron levels)
18. Learn how to cook duccana
19. Clean out the garden in front of apartment and plant sensible flowers
20. Get a door for my apartment
21. Clean exterior of apartment
22. Find a signature scent for day and evening
23. Read all the books written by Toni Morrison
24. Watch The Hills have Eyes and 2 other really scary movies
25. Sing Karaoke - Erykah Badu song
26. Make 2 close friends
27. Lose 12lbs and maintain the weight for at least a year
28. Set up a monthly budget and stick to it for a year
29. Learn how to swim (I have to break the fear)
30. Watch the sunrise at Devil's Bridge
31. Go snowboarding
32. Ride a scooter
33. Get a ride on a motorcycle
34. Ride on a jet ski
35. Go to a fancy spa for a weekend and be pampered
36. Go a month with out eating bread and drinking only water (with the exception of wine night)
37. Put on a fashion show

I'm contemplating if I should finish the list before starting it or just add as I go along. I'm looking at starting it about the second week of August, so that would be the 9th of August 2009 and it will end 6th of May 2012. Hopefully by that time I have 101 things. I know that that date will come up but to see it gives makes it very solid for me and it's shocking because I'll be 32 and hopefully my life would be more enjoyable. Yes, I can.

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