Words Everywhere

9:22 PM

I will be honest, I'm not good with the spoken word. Yes, I can recite poetry and give it life, but improvisational expression of thought and emotion, I'm truly crap. This is where my poetry comes in. Sometimes I can express my thoughts as clear as day and other times I can hide it between the lines. Here are some words:

And yet there are some people who are there, you can feel them before you see them. They could be anywhere and yet you find them.

If you profess your love to someone else, let me go. Unfurl your grasp and let me float away like a leaf in the wind. Also, I use to us pens like those.

I like how it's presented, but if someone wants to go, they are free to go, the heartache will fade and they will be a ghost of a memory.

Nuff Said

Beauty will draw them in, intelligence will make them stay.

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