Epiphany #1

9:34 PM

Please keep in mind that I should be going to bed at this very moment, but I wanted to do this post. Today while I was cleaning my apartment I had an epiphany. Well an epiphany/revisiting a concept I had thought of but didn't delve into at length.

Truth is open to interpretation. What is true for me may not be true for you. For instance when I was a kid I drew the sun as a circle with jagged edges. Honestly speaking how can a child come to the conclusion that this is what the sun looks like? Truth be told that was the imagery that was taught to children and it an accepted truth until they are taught the complicated truth. We are taught so many things as children and we accept them as truths, but have they've been proven as fact.

This brings me to the study of good and bad. What exactly is bad? What exactly is good? Who is to say one way or another? And if there is someone, who gave them the authority? In the past I have done unkind things based on the assumption that I was bad, or the assumption that the other person was bad. Now I look at it, even that is left to interpretation.

I think I should go to bed because I'm rambling, but it boils down to this:
Don't hold onto some notion of what is right or wrong, if it is to the detriment of another's feelings. There is no real proof to state that your claims are fact and what good is it to brow beat another if it makes you into the villain.

That's my three cents and this is as much directed as me as it is directed at whoever is reading this.

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