8:38 PM

My apologies for being MIA, but I've been sick for the last week and a half and I'm trying to get rid of this cold from Hades completely so I have all my faculties back. I hate being sick, I think this will be an aim of mine, not getting sick again. Going to bed.

This picture reminds me of how it feels like to when I'm sick.

Now I look at it it doesn't really remind me. I don't really have such stylish shoes, there is usually a sheet on my bed. Perhaps it's a matter of feeling out of your body, but your logical part that has goals and plans and things to do just disappears. Strange thing is when I'm sick, I really don't care where that part is, I just want to get better. The old saying, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. God, I hate prolonged illness. When will my nose stop being stuffy then start running at the wrong possible time? When will this awful hacking cough be gone? Not to mention the irritated throat and the messed up taste buds. At least I've gotten over the delirium and feeling like a zombie. Damn cough.

(One of my favourite movie quotes of all time)

Just a random thought, the original pixel width of the picture above is 666, ain't that a bitch. I found the picture on

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