Mia Michaels

2:55 PM

As I was catching up with the blogs I follow, I discovered Mia Michaels on Apartment 513 and to say I was blown away by her choreography is the ultimate understatement. She is my new inspiration and.... okay let me lay it down.

The clip that was on Apartment 513 is the second clip below. At first I was intrigued, it was a mixture of this is fluid and interesting how the body moves beyond the parameters of every day movement, and some of these moves make me feel uncomfortable. I believe the uncomfortable part is likened to venturing into the unknown, being drawn to it but being afraid to let go of what you know. I liked her style, it was definitely different from what I've seen and yet it reminded me of Cirque Du Soliel.

So I went to YouTube and plugged her name into the search and the more clips I watched the more I liked her as a choreographer. I liked the fact that she could conceive, I won't say create, conceive is a more fitting word, the dances. I like the fact that she could communicate the moves to the dancers so that they could perform it so effortlessly. I like how she got into choreographing and how she encourages people (the last clips).

The clip below was eerily beautiful, that's all I got to say.

I don't know this woman from Eve but she has a new fan. Check out her website.

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