500 Days of Summer

9:46 PM

I know I'm behind whenever I watch and review a movie. The movie would come out a month or two ago and I would watch it now. Well in this case I didn't watch it right away because I thought it would be a total heartbroken, depressing movie. Far from it, in fact I liked it, would I get it on DVD? On the fence.

I liked the characters, I thought I would hate Summer as is evident from the trailer she would be the one who does the heart breaking. Truth be told, she was honest from the beginning, she was not looking for something serious. It kind of shows how we build up these imaginary walls around a relationship then filling the house those walls made with our "love" (more like our concept of it) but instead making a prison for the other person with our expectations. They want fun, a warm body to hold them at night, you want a lifetime of devotion and fidelity. I think I got off course.

I also like the movies time line, which kind of reminds me of Quentin Tarantino's work in such films like Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill. They start in the middle, the start is patchworked into the middle, but the end will always be the end.

Another thing I liked was there were some corny scenes, but it wasn't as corny because it was done well. Look out for the cartoon bird.

I'm going to go looking for the soundtrack, there were some songs in the movie that had me really take notice. Here are the ones I really liked:

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Okay I might get it on DVD. Check out the trailer below.

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