The Kaboose is Back on Track

7:24 AM

A couple months ago, I created another blog that was geared towards my becoming a better person and becoming a person I would genuinely like to 1)be, 2)know and 3) enjoy being. Unfortunately, I lapsed in keeping it up to date, lets say it is a lapse of over a month. I believe it was a mixture of my comfort zone being threatened, a fear of knowing and accepting who I am at this moment and the fear of change. Well, something happened and I've come to my senses. Yeah me!!

I'm not going to get into what happened, but after I let go of it the proverbial blinders went with it and I became aware of the little things in life that are helpful like this video my sister put up on her blog:

After watching it, I looked up Les Brown and found more of his speeches, lets just say I got motivated. What I especially liked was when he said instead of having a great year, plan to have a great decade. Oh I plan to have an excellent decade. I will be in my 30's and instead of amplifying my need for a husband and kids, I'm going to have as much fun as I can, develop myself as an individual and be happy. Whatever happen will be what it will be.

Today, I had gone on a site my brother told me about and come upon this article The science of motivation and it made sense to me. When I think of doing things I like doing for money, I become disinterested because I get away from being creative to trying to make others like what I did. This in itself is the reason I don't continue project I genuinely enjoy because I enter business mode which means business plans, costing analysis and market research. Lets just say this depress me. So I'm flipping the script, I'm going to do what I love and what gives me peace, and to hell with everything else.

Then one of the comments on the above article led me to this article, Useful positive tips which this got me thinking about Happiness. Happiness so happens to be one of the goals in my life. I don't want to live a miserable life. So in the end, I'm glad that thing happened because it got me back on track. I might get distracted but I'll always have this post to look back at and get right back on track.

This has been another Rambling Kimolisa post.

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