6:56 AM

Okay, I have a hate/like thing for Rhianna. I hate the fact that she is everywhere and constantly popping up in the media. I hate the vibes I got from the interview she did on 20/20. I hated that she waited until around the time she was coming out with a album to talk about the incident with Chris Brown. But.. I hate buts. I like the music. Embarrassingly enough I have one of her songs as my ring tone. The videos are usually on point visually. I also respect her for going after what she wants in life. I guess the thing that rubs me the wrong way is that she is over produced, a perfect little package of perfection and from my posting the Bleach Quote and Bleach Quote Parte Deux you will know I detest perfection. Anywho, here is the video for Russian Roulette.

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