Prince Of Persia

3:57 PM

It is so funny how you could be thinking about something and then it pops up. I think it was this morning that I was thinking about Prince of Persia, a game I used to play when I was in my preteens. To say I was addicted is an understatement. At the time it was on the computer and it had an arcade format whereas you could go left or right, jump up or crouch down and running leap. I won't lie to you and say that I play the later versions that follow the themes of Lara Croft and Doom, but I still respect the game and hold it dear to my heart. So much that I had it as my wallpaper for my PC (now dead, RIP) and my old Macs (both stolen {sons of bitches}). Actually this is a variation of the picture:

A guy I was seeing say it and I actually wasted my ink printing out a pic of it with him in it. Then the guy I gave my computer to fix commented on it like it was a dirty little secret. Perhaps he was surprised I would be into that.

Anyway, while on YouTube I discovered that there was a movie coming out. I was so excited then I watched the trailer below.

I'm not excited anymore. It's a mix of not being able to relate to the story line and I'm not into the budding romance that appears to be the secondary story line. The dialog seems so cliche and wait..... It just dawned on me this is the same as the Lara Croft movie where the female has a quick wit and a body but it did not gel. To the point that I haven't seen the complete Lara Croft movie. I got irritated and switched the channel.

Sorry I digress, basically, I was a gamer and I probably will be waiting to watch this either online or on Cable. Oh and could they hook us up with some accents at least try. There will be some poor kids growing up thinking that is the way everyone talks in Persia. Lord. I'm just saying.

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