Obama Tells A Story About Daughter's Grade

6:51 AM

One of my FaceBook friends posted this article,Malia Obama's Science Test: President Tells Story About Daughter's Grades (VIDEO), and I had to post it on this blog. If I was into politics this is the platform I would stand on. I think education is a valuable asset and parents should be involved in ensuring that their kids get it, want it and take advantage of it.

To be honest, up until 3rd Form at High School (that would be about 8th Grade), I got average to below average grades. Then at the end of 2nd Form, there was a ceremony for the student who did well both academically and otherwise and they were given this award name after some important lady related to the school. It was at that point that I said, I wanted that award, so I stepped up to the plate. My grades went up, I was always at the top three in the class and it felt damn good. No I didn't get the award but I did get something else, a feeling of pride and the knowledge that if I wanted something I know I have it in me to get it.

So here is the clip:

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