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4:11 PM

Gosh, I haven't done this in ages, so I am a bit rusty, bare with me.

Alrighty then, the first trailer was one my sis showed me the other day. So why do I want to see this movie? Well this is one of the matters my friend and I have been discussing on and off, what happens if you don't meet someone, but you want kids. It was so cool for me to see that a movie was made about what I was thinking of doing. If by 32, I didn't have someone serious in my life, I would have a kid on my own. Please pray this never happens for me : ). Anywhoo, here is the clip:

It's kinda strange that I would follow up a chick flick with something so testosterone laden, but I like the trailer itself, it really screams to me watch this movie, although I am a bit doubtful. Let me give you a little back story, when I was a kid I was a huge mythology fan, and I saw the original Clash of The Titans a couple times well, so I'm quite wary of this new version even though it has Liam Neeson as a God. So what won me over? When he summoned the Crakken at the end, me-ow, the Crakken did it for me. LOL.

I was born the day before Valentines Day (please do not ask if I got gifts for both my birthday and V-Day). I'm not going to lie, I love love and I think this movie might be cute.

This made me cry a little, because I am so interested in the reverence people give God. I agree with Seal when he said God is in each and everyone.

Oh and to end, I believe 2009, as crappy as it was, started with a great movie and ended with a great movie. Slumdog Millionare will remain one of my favourite movies of all time (mental note: get it on DVD). I saw Avatar last week and loved it, getting it on DVD. Here is a quick review a la Kimolisa:

It was beautiful, the colours were rich, the story was engaging. It was only after I left that I grasped the concept that this was not an easy feat to create in terms of creating another planet and having it played out in a way that it didn't look computer generated. Just imagine this could inspire someone to go beyond this. Wow.

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