Hitting the streets

12:02 PM

I've had it with the fashion shows with uber thin models and one label attire. So after watching my favourite Japanese anime, I went in search of Japanese street fashion. I found Japanese Streets, from there I found Style Invasion. I love street fashion because it is the blending of garments to express one's style. Strangely enough I was drawn to the layering of garments found in the following pics than the basic stuff I saw on some other street fashion sites, but let me put it out here, I am a huge, huge fan of The Sartorialist (we are not worthy a la Wayne's World). This is another reason, I'm so interested in Sportswear, can you imagine how exciting it is to be seeing someone going down the street wearing one of the garments you conceived and made into reality. Okay, I'm excited again and can't wait to get behind my sewing machine. Enjoy the pics below!!

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