Lady Gaga's Telephone ft. Beyonce

3:13 PM

Okay, I am not the true blue Lady Gaga fan that goes absolutely gaga for her to the point that they hyperventilates and faints at the very sight of her, but you would catch me humming or singing Bad Romance or Pokerface. I have both as ringtones on my cell. As per usual, there was the hype for this video and I was looking forward to it like I would look forward to a DSquared collection. With interest, but no bated breath. So what is my oppinion?

Honestly speaking, it's mixed. One thing for sure it's better than Beyonce's Video Phone video. So let's get into the nitty gritty. I love bullet points.

  • Lady Gaga is a woman, she has two (2) X chromosones!!!! She made that very clear.
  • I liked the beginning it has a movie start, and it made me sit back and get ready to watch;
  • Only in the world of Gaga would the inmates and the guards would be so sexualized;
  • There were a few moments where I was like huh? Like was there a brunette Gaga in the fight scene? and what was that all about?
  • Oh, and can we say product placement, don't you feel like going out and buying a T-Mobile or Virgin phone?
  • I loved the part where she's leaving the jail, the little quick step move, priceless;
  • Being a Kill Bill fan, I was very touched by seeing the Pussy Wagon, it was almost like a tip of the hat to one of my all time favourite film makers;
  • Then it went a little down hill, can we revisit the dialogue or have the singers put a little more feeling into it. "You've been very bad, Gaga." could have been done so many ways. For instance with a bit of dryness like the guy in the dry eyes commercial, or with just a bit more sexiness.
  • For the simple fact that this was in the world of Gaga made this a good video, if anyone else did it, it would look off.
On a whole, visually it was captivating, I love the nods towards such films as Kill Bill, Thelma and Louise and any female prison flick you can dig up from the late 70's. It was able to bring those films in and yet make it modern and of course, Gaga. Oh, only thing is I might have to watch it again so that I can listen to the song. Hee Hee!!

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