Illustration - 17 March 2010

8:40 AM

As I mentioned before, I'm trying to change up the way I illustrate. In this one I added more accessories and gave it more personality. Unfortunately, the marker ran out on me when I was doing the pants and it frustrated me. To think I thought I had weeded out all the dried out and drying out markers. It also didn't help that I had a splitting headache when I came home, it was the kind where I would have taken aspirin, only thing is I have never been the owner of a bottle of aspirin.

So my critique of this piece is this:
It is definitely one of my better pieces, for a person who wears her hair incredibly short, I keep drawing flowing hair (damn you, Disney!!). I wanted to do a different type of glasses but I haven't done glasses in a long time, and I never did glasses at that angle. You can also see I'm not versed in that angle, which is a 3/4 profile looking down, as the nose is more for a regular 3/4 profile. Honestly speaking, I didn't have an outfit planned for this so to me the colours were all over the place. I think in the future I will plan the outfit and the colours, perhaps use the fashion magazines for outfits. The test there will be to translate the outfit in the illustration. I will also figure out how to take the pictures better, the first one is without flash and the other is with flash.

Things I want to work on:

  • Shoes - I'm going to have to experiment with different types and master that.
  • Accessories - Hats, jewelry, glasses, bags, etc.
  • Complete faces - I feel like they are lacking something, the hair would be on point and the face needs a little more umph. I might experiment with make up.
Oh, well, I think I should be easier on myself, but it's important that I push myself.

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