Damn You Jimi Hendrix.... I Think I Like You

5:29 PM

I am not a Jimi Hendrix fan, or so I keep telling myself. Oh, forget that he did a collaboration with my favourite artist of that time, Janis Joplin, or that some of your music stops me from doing what I was doing and make me stop and listen. But my resistance broke last Saturday night, when I was listening to the BBC, yeah, I'm cool like that!! and there was a segment on their entertainment program about the release of some never before commercially released music. As I listened, I started to appreciate Jimi Hendrix as an artist. I learned a lot from that brief segment and I went out and looked up his stuff.

It also doesn't hurt that I love guitar solos. I love how he said in the last clip, give us a chance to get rid of these joints. Here are a few pictures:

My last word on this, people don't praise people just because, well maybe they do now, but back then, people were given their due because they deserved it. Be it The Beatles, Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix, they populated a stratosphere of our music sphere which can not be questioned. You can question if Jesus Christ was the messiah, but you can not doubt that these people were talented. Just my thoughts.

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