Kick Ass & The Back Up Plan

1:30 PM

Last week Thursday, I went to see Kick Ass and honestly speaking, I liked it. Granted I was looking forward to seeing it, even though many critics gave it a bad review. What I've discovered is that I shouldn't hold others reviews to high regard because some movies that were given great reviews, I've either hated it or found it boring. I now look at it as if I'm excited to see it because of the trailer, I'll watch it and make up my own mind.

Anyway, I liked Kick Ass for the action and the witty comments, granted some parts were quite cheesy. So would I recommend it? Well, with disclaimers, I won't recommend it to my grandma, or my mother but my brother and sister, oh yeah. Oh and I would not recommend this to anyone who has a mental problem or a psychopath, or anyone who would take this movie to literally. This movie is also great for comic book enthusiasts and gamers.

Scenes to look for Hit Girls 2nd major kill sequence, they is a part that is practically a homage to any game where you are the shooter. I loved any scene with the bazooka. Oh and the microwave scene, I thought it was going to be worst, I was even prepared to cover my eyes. I liked the characters even though Kick Ass himself made me squirm with embarrassment.

Excuse my disjointed review as it was over a week ago I saw the movie.

I saw The Back Up Plan last night and as expected, I loved it. As I mentioned before, I was way overdue for a Jennifer Lopez film and chica delivered. We laughed our heads off and it was a worthy chic flick. I would put it a few notches below P.S. I Love You (I loved that movie). I think one of the reasons I love watching movies because it makes me feel good when I finish watching it and it was a feel good movie.

Scenes to watch for the cheese room, the first birth scene. Overall the movie was great, but a disclaimer must be made. Don't think that this could be your life, living in Manhattan and having a store downtown is not that easy to achieve. Life could never be that perfect but it is nice to watch it.

I would recommend this to couples and a group of girlfriends. I enjoyed and yes I will get it on DVD. In fact, I'm aiming to build a J-Lo video Library, well the good movies anyway.

Just my thoughts.

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