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3:39 PM

A couple years ago, I was flipping through cable and I came across the original Nanny McPhee and I ended up watching it and loving it. I swore that when I have kids I would have them watch movies like that and read them the books. So can you imagine how excited I felt when I found out that the is a new Nanny McPhee movie called Nanny McPhee Returns. I'm not sure if it will be coming down here, but I'm sure I'll catch it on HBO. Check out the trailer below

I'm not absolutely sure if I want to see "I Spit On Your Grave". Part of me want to see it because it is a woman wreaking revenge in a really evil way. I think I can handle this movie because she's doing it for a reason as opposed to her doing it because she can or she crazy. Granted this chica looks crazy anyway, but we know why, who else can drive a woman crazy? Wink, wink.. Check out the trailer

At first I thought this would be cheesy and I was unsure of seeing one of the Olsen twins after so long, but I must say after seeing the trailer for Beastly, I think I might want to see this. It's new take on Beauty and the Beast, but the focus is more on the Beast. Trailer below

Well seeing that the cost to go to the movies has been reduced to EC$15.00 which is about US$5.50, I will be going to the movies more often. Yes, I know I can watch movies online or buy bootleg, but there is something to be said about getting out of the house and being out of contact with people for 2 hours and not have to worry about slow internet connection, or the picture or sound being crappy. Don't even get me started on seeing people walk by on the bootleg DVD. So yes I am championing going to the movies, hell a lot of money goes into making movies, so why not pay them for their hard work. Just my thoughts.

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