Supper Club

7:15 AM

Through one of the newsletters I get via email, I came across Palisaden Supper Club. Here is the info from their blog,

A monthly supper club held in Berlin using regional, seasonal, and homemade ingredients.

The chef is from New York City where he worked for 10 years in "farm to table" restaurants.

To me this is so interesting because it is a new taking on going out to dinner. It's like you have to be in the know to go and you have to put in extra effort to go. I mean getting on a guest list and it's like it is an event because the say dinner starts at 20 uhr sharp (8pm). I would go if they had it in Antigua, I would do it if I could cook or had the time to organize it. Then again I could look into it in a couple years time. I haven't gotten anything planned for 2013. I'll think about it.

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