Japanese Street Fashion

5:30 PM

I'm posting this more for those in their 20's. This is your time to dress anyway you want. Go crazy, experiment, enjoy life because at this moment in time society is not expecting you to act any better. You can get away with wearing army boots and a frilly dress and people won't wonder why you are dressing so they will put it down to youth. As you get older, labels and expectations are tagged to you like mother, adult, respectful and you will crave the chance to throw on a tank top and ripped jean shorts and head off to town or the mall. Embrace your youth and have fun.

As for everyone else, find the cracks and crevices where you can express your eccentricites. Wear crazy coloured underwear or that scarf that is so out there. Life is short, and do we really need to be caught up with all the shoulds and musts of life. As my favourite YouTube personality, B. Scott, would say "Do you, boo boo. Do you." Plus wouldn't be fun to be the adult having fun instead of the adult wishing to have fun.

Just a thought. Enjoy the Japanese Street Fashion below --v

(source: Japanese Streets)

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