DJ Private Ryan

2:13 PM

My sis and I joined a fitness program at the hospital and the instructor had some cool current music. I had planned to ask her for the playlist so I can download the music for when I'm working or working out. Last week I asked her where she got the music and she told me to search for DJ Private Ryan on FaceBook.

I'll be honest and say I didn't check him out until this week and I am officially drunk off his work. I dusted off my half dead, no good, don't want to comply to my wishes, bitch of a mp3 player to download his podcasts.

He is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and is what I consider to be a true DJ where as he started off small and built up his style and his reputation. Although he moved to Miami to further his education, he didn't put his turntables in storage. He is doing big things in the States touching down in NYC, ATL, DC and the Big Easy. For more info check out his FaceBook page.

What I love about his podcasts is that they have a krazy cool mix of Pop, R&B, Soca and Dancehall. Basically, his work is perfect for the World Citizen who is originally from the Caribbean, I mean the kind of person who is Caribbean but has feelers in different cultures and a wider entertainment vocabulary. My only problem is pretty much the problem that comes with DJ mixes where as it is one continuous track. Other than that, it is excellent.

To get his podcasts, check out his official podcast page. I've already downloaded two. Enjoy.

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