2010 in revue

9:03 PM

I saw a few blogs do this and thought what the hey, why don't I do it. So what do I have to say about 2010 for me? Honestly speaking, for the most part it's a blur. I know I wanted to make it the best year ever as it was the year I turned 30.

One of the major things I wanted to do was take care of a scar I have along my spine from when I had surgery to straighten my spine from scoliosis. There is a plastic surgeon who comes down from Canada every month and I set up an appointment to see him. I explained my situation and showed him the scar. In the end he explained that it was not advisable because it's difficult for scars to heal vertically and with the muscles pulling and other reasons. Basically, he said if I were his wife he would advise against it. So I've decided to accept it and now I think about now that I've accepted it, I've forgotten about it.

Another major thing I had planned to do is go skydiving. It was something I knew I wanted to do and when the plan was hatched I was full speed ahead. From this experience I've learned that it's better not to let people know until after all the plans are made and there is no going back. I loved it and it was worth it.

Also this year I started illustrating. It all started when a guy who works near where I work saw me doing some quick sketches and wanted a full sketch. I did it and he graded it. As I wasn't happy with the grade, I kept illustrating until he gave me grades I was happy with, like A+ to the third power. After seeing my work on this blog, fellow blogger, Lion-ess, suggested I create a DeviantART Profile. To be honest, I didn't think I was worthy, but after putting up my work, I've gotten a lot of positive feedback. I'm taking a little break though as I haven't been happy with the last couple illustrations.

I got to meet fellow blogger, Lion-ess, who is a really nice person. She and her boyfriend came down to attend a friends wedding and on their last day on island I got to show them around the island I call home. The experience just shows the benefits of blogging, it's a great way of connecting to people you would never have met.

My grandfather on my father's side died. It was a sad moment for different reason. If anything it makes me see that I want my memorial service to be a festive event, something to celebrate my life. I say memorial ceremony because I've chosen to be cremated, I have a very real fear of worms, even in death. See something new you've learned about me.

Other random stuff

  • I had started to make clothes for the Independence Fashion Show. it was a collection called Holier Than Thou inspired by Jesus, The Virgin Mary and The Pope as well as holes. I never continued because my mom was having a minor surgery, my grandfather was dying and the theme of this year's Fashion Show was "Pappy Show". Pappy Show, according to WiWords, means to make a fool of oneself. I was not going to be blasphemous, even if I'm not a full Christian.
  • I took part in a fitness challenge, where I didn't really lose weight but my stamina grew and I felt better. It was also a good thing that I had something that kept me active. It was only 10 weeks, but it has pushed me to take my fitness into my own hands.
  • I created my bucket list. I'm trying to shift my life to something that I truly want it to be and it helps to have something to aim for. Plus the noggin sitting on my shoulders seems to operate better that way. A lot of the answers to my questions are already in me, I just have to ask the right questions.
  • I've written my first book of poetry, but I just have to go about publishing it. More of that in the future.
  • I've paid a deposit on a piece of land. It's pretty nice. I was going to get a loan to purchase it, but the evaluator for the bank valued it $15K lower than what the seller is selling it for. I then decided I would pay in installments to the seller, but it didn't pan out so I've already paid the difference and I'm pulling together the monies to pay the bank fees, transfer fees and fees fees. It's a good thing I can be stubborn, because if it was anything else I would have called it quits.
I'm sure there is more, but I'm drawing a blank. This has been a hard year as the global recession has really hit our small island. I've seen stores that have been around since I was small close their doors, I've seen this island morph. There is this concept I've always had in the back of my head, the future is not going to be a completely new world, it's going to have bits and pieces of the past entrenched in it. Some of the good stuff and some of the bad. I now think I can apply it to people, to myself even. Even though I don't think I achieve a lot this year, the boring stuff will wither away from my memory and the things that matter will remain.

It was nice, well not really, to be honest I think it's time to say goodbye to 2010.

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