Christmas Eve 2010

11:06 AM

Christmas Eve for my family is different from Christmas Eve for other families. Because my mom owns a store, you would find us there on Christmas Eve until early Christmas day. In Antigua, people come into town to walk about and hang with friends on Christmas Eve. Usually, we would be stuck in the store dealing with irritating customers who wait for the last minute to buy gifts. As I was seeing my sister was irritated, I took up the road to walk about. On the way, we saw a friend of ours and he joined us on our walk about.

The rastaman was selling drinks from a fridge that he rolled though the street.

This was the first time I've seen a hookah in Antigua, I just had to take the pic.

Me and my sis

As you can see people like to dress up for Christmas Eve.

My brother and sister.

I'm wrapping a gift for a customer.

Mom and Dad

Instead of going home very late, we left about 12am Christmas Day. To be honest, I was not feeling the season this year. It was more of a meh.

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