Interior Inspirations

11:46 AM

I love how sunny this room is and the colours are pretty nice as well. This is definitely a contender for how I want my dining room. The chairs are not stuffy and over the top, but they look comfy. I can imagine having friends over for dinner or playing board games. I like the purple storage unit as it's perfect for dishes and you can display the fancier ones in the glass front section.

I've got this hear simply for the breakfast table. I love the idea of having breakfast tables.

I am a loft lover.

I would never thought that I would be drawn so stongly to this, but I am. Of course instead of the picture, there would be a mirror. Maybe a series of three pictures over the mirror or to one side of the mirror. The drawer in the middle would be for makeup and the other drawers would be for books, writing pads and medication for when I get sick.

All the pics are from desire to inspire

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