Unevolved Brands

6:12 PM

I was floating through the blogosphere and came across this study called Unevolved Brands. This is the write up:

A study on brand and logo simplification.

Unevolving a logo to just a series of coloured circles, how many can still be recognised? This study shows how the most simplest of logo and brand designs are often the most recognisable when shed of all detail.

In most cases, each circle represents one letter or one container. So in the case of Orange, a self contained logo, one circle for the orange container and one circle for the wording. Typebased logos like Twitter, FedEx and eBay just have one circle per letter.

It's an ongoing study, so new logos and brands will be added.
My sis and I sat there and tried to figure out the different logos, and this was a lot of fun. It was amazing how much a brand is stuck in our psyche that we can recognize it when stripped down to a very basic format. So below are a few of the logos and to see if you figured out what the logo is click here.


I found this on Color Lovers.

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