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I was working on a design project where I needed translations of words and I say a banner ad for The LXD. Normally, I would ignore the banner ads but it looked so cool that I clicked on it. It took me to Joost which provides legal, professionally-produced videos to a worldwide audience and the first episode of Season One. Here's a trailer of the season

<a href="">The LXD: Moments (Trailer)</a>

As I watched the following episodes, I got goosebumps because it was amazing the creativity of this group of dancers. Their ability to make something entertaining and mind blowing was inspirational. I can go on and on but check out my favourite clips and enjoy

<a href="">The LXD: Robot Lovestory&nbsp; (Season 1: Ep. 3)</a>
<a href="">The LXD: Elliot's Shoes&nbsp; (Season 1: Ep. 8)</a>
<a href="">The LXD: I See a Man&nbsp; (Season 1: Ep. 10)</a>

I love the last one because of the spoken word was woven into music and dance. Simply beautiful.

To learn more about this amazing group, check out their website, LXD and their FaceBook page. Also, for you lucky Americans they are on Hulu.

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