Interiors I'm Loving

10:05 AM

I like the fact that this kitchen is closer to reality, basically, they have stuff.

Another realistic room.

I don't know why, but I like the idea of a low bed.

I love rocking chairs. Give me a nice rocking chair and a good book.

I'm just drawn to this room.

I want to live here. In fact I'm going to print these pictures and give them to the architect when I'm ready for my house. What can I say Verandah and Loft AND a quick clean.

Once again a low bed and nothing is wrong with bookshelves. Granted, I gave away a large portion of my books. My bookshelf says I'm artistic, I need emotional help, I love happy endings, I'm into business and I'm okay with my sexuality.

I like how the bookshelf is a room divider.

This is it! This is my dream kitchen. Of course it won't be all white, I would go for more colours, but I like the idea of the table in the kitchen which brings company into the room, be it a child doing homework, or friends. Also it's a great work space for when you are teaching kids to cook with you. Stick a tiny tot there with some peas to shell or corn to remove the husk. And another bonus: Storage space and display space. Mine.

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