I Want To Get Dressed

3:10 PM

Lately, I've been wanting to wear dresses. Perhaps it's out of laziness, not having to think about trying to mix and match tops with bottoms, just put on a dress, a few accessories and be out. I think it because I had to wear uniforms at school that turned me off of dresses originally. Imagine havine to wear a dress every day for 5 days and a dress that never seemed to fit right. Wouldn't you reach for a pair of jeans and anything that was comfortable? Don't even mention the church dresses! There is the reason why I was conditioned to dislike dresses, but that dislike is disappearing. Now if I could find a nice shift like what Ella Fitzgerald is wearing below (doesn't she look so cute and chic!)

Unfortunately, it's hard to find a reasonably priced dress that is tasteful, if only there was a tree like this: 

I love the dress in the middle and how she is wearing it.

Layering would be fun, but I would wear it in colour.

 A vintage cut would be nice as well,

And of course, a cute little thing.

I'm still going to be on the look out for great dresses, I might have to accept that I would have to purchase them online. Hopefully in the near future you'll see what I get.

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