Beauty Part 1

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There are few topics I've been meaning to write about and Beauty is one that keeps popping into my head lately. Let me begin by saying these are my thoughts on Beauty and they are based on my experiences and what I've derived from what I've read, seen and listened to. Basically, it's my oppinion and if you think differently you can always voice your oppinion.

Now as you can tell by the title of this post, I'm breaking down Beauty into more than one part. Those parts are

  • Perception
  • Attitude
  • Curse
  • I'm Done
Alright, I'm Done not really an aspect of Beauty but it is pretty much my concluding post and I would have pretty much had my say on the matter. So let's get into it.

I'm sure we all have heard the old adage,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
but do we really understand. I think it's one of those phrases people say just to say instead of to convey a universal truth. One man's beauty is another man's "she's alright looking". For instance, some people might find this person beautiful

Some may find Pam Grier the personification of beauty,

And still some may find the two above skinny ninnies and say Gabourey Sidibe is an ultimate beauty.

We as human beings are so diverse that to say one type of individual could represent everyone's ideal of beauty is impossible. Some people love people with white porcelain skin and others like the deep, blue black shade. While some people like a woman than is uber skinny, some like a lot of curves and still some like slender but a little something to grab onto. We are all different coming from different backgrounds and having different experiences, so it is also safe to say that we would have different taste.

Now the media would like to have things nicely organised and dictate to us what is beautiful. By doing so it would be easier for their advertisers to market to our "beliefs" of what is beautiful. Like everything else, we are told what and how to think, be it what is the best phone to buy to make us look cool or what us as a society should think is beautiful. The reality is the media is like politics and although there are the few who appear to be in charge it is the majority that have the power.

So here is a new concept for some people, but plainly speaking,

Think For Yourself!

Always take the time to figure out what YOU think on the matter and what resonates with you. What sense is it to think someone is beautiful when they don't fit into the parameters of what you think is beautiful? Also, why waste your time on someone who doesn't think you are beautiful, especially when you are loving yourself just as you are. There is always someone who thinks you are the bees knees.

One of my favourite movies on the matter of loving who you are and being loved as you are is Phat Girlz with the divine Mo'nique.

Mo'nique actually brings me to the next part Attitude. Check back next week for the next part.

Sorry about the rambling nature of this post, but it's the beauty of my style, LOL!!

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