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11:41 AM

I have to admit, the first I heard about Sky Lanterns was from Tangled and now I'm loving the concept, my only concern is what happens to the lanterns when the flame dies out? Do they disintegrate? They are beautiful anyway.

This is such a cool concept for a wall.
If I had these, I would never leave the bathroom.
I like this home, I especially like the chair with the fur throw. I am so going to hook that up when I get my dream chair.
This is so sweet, I think I'm getting a toothache :)
The Sartorialist is doing it again with asking his followers to send him vintage pics, I love reading the stories behind the pics.
I liked reading this, sometimes you have to make things magical.
If you saw the new Beyonce video, you may have seen some guys on the "girls" side, here is a little back story on their part in the video.
Every now and then, I pop into this site, because every now and then I want to feel like The Ultimate Female.
OMG!! I have something in common with Johnny Depp! Hats
It's a damn shame what they did with this delicious breakfast.
I like how she styles.

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