100 Dates

1:20 PM

I will be honest, I don't date often. Gasp!!! Yeah, really. I think in part, it's because I never opened myself up to the possibilities that were out there. In another part, because the men I have come across 8 out of 10 times want to see the inside of my bedroom before knowing my middle name. Sigh... c'est la vie.

Anyway, enough of the pity party, this post is the introduction of a new series of post called 100 Dates. So why am I doing these posts? I guess you can say I am a sucker for the time when people actually went out instead of thinking that after one date, the next logical step is to jump into bed. These posts are to show that there are more to dares than going to the movies, to dinner or to the club. Dating, to me anyway, is about getting to know someone and seeing if they are worthy to be in your life, be in the short term or the long term.

Each post will indicate the following:
  • Difficulty - how hard or easy it will be to execute the date;
  • Expense - are you spending a lot or barely spending;
  • Intimacy Level - is it your first date or are you considered in a relationship or does the person know about a tattoo in a very discrete place;
  • Fun/Informative - Is this date about fun or is it informative, be it learning about the person or from where you went;
So why am I a good person to write these posts, seeing I have a lackluster history of dating? Simply put, because I have a lackluster dating history. Yes, I'm a little jaded by dating, but I haven't been numbed into a comatose state when it comes to thinking up new dating ideas. I'm more logical when I'm not in a relationship, I will be so bold to say I'm saner when I'm not linked to a man. Perhaps, it's because I haven't found a man who I can be insane yet sane with. Whatever the case, these post will act as my library for when I have to plan a date and I'm drawing a blank.

So every Monday, be on the lookout for 100 Dates!!

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