Blog on Fire Award

10:39 AM

Thank you, Eleni at RPG Called Life for the Blog on Fire Award. I'd also like to thank the academy, my fans, and God because with out him, all this would not have been possible. Oh wait, this isn't the Oscar, oh yeah, and I never acted a day in my life. Oh well, Thanks Eleni!!!

For this award I'm to share seven things about myself, so here we go,
  1. I was originally 5' 7 1/2" and last year I discovered I lost an inch, I'm now 5' 6 1/2". Yes people, I'm shrinking.
  2. I'm slowly becoming a foodie, I'm starting to enjoy the savouring of food as opposed to just eating for nourishment.
  3. Here is something quite obvious if you follow my blog, I love movies. I think a good movie will leave you feeling good, energized and feeling your time was well spent, while a bad movie is completely opposite.
  4. I have an older brother and a younger sister.
  5. I want to travel to Antarctica, as well as see the northern lights.
  6. My favourite bird is the duck.
  7. I was told that my face hasn't change from when I was in primary school, that is, give or take, two decades ago.
Below are a few blogs I am passing on the award to.

Eleni of RPG Called Life
Rafaela of My Daily Inspirations
Oneika of Oneika the Traveller
K of Shoes Never Worn
Lioness of Theories of Anything

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