Date #5 - Love & Music

3:01 PM

Difficulty - 1/5
Expense - 1/5
Intimacy Level - 3rd - 5th date
Fun/Informative - Fun/Informative
Dick Clark once said "Music is the soundtrack of your life," and it's so true. It's so evident today where everybody and their mama has a portable device streaming in their personal choice of music. In this day and age, people are walking around with Little Wayne or Beyonce or Bjork adding flavour to their lives. So wouldn't this be something worth sharing.

Now there are many ways of sharing one's love of music, here are just a few:

Spend An Indecent Amount Of Hours In A Music Store
I'm going to share my age, but I remember when the cassette tape was king and vinyl records were what my parents had. Then came CD's and you would go into music stores and flip through countless CD's. I think it was a Virgin that was in Time Square, it was a huge store filled with CD's of every genre and there were these listening stations where you could listen to the CD's before buying them. *sigh* Good Times! Anyway, there are still places like this, and with your date you can scan through tons of music you know and some you don't. You might even come across albums you had when you were younger and you can share funny insightful stories about that time in your life when that album was all you listened too. You can also venture into music, you don't normally listen to, you might be into Classic Rock but you could check out the Latin sound. The important thing is to have an enjoyable experience.

Explore Each Others' Collections

Instead of going out, make a little snack or order in, get comfy in the living room or wherever you have a decent sound system and go through the homeowner's music collection. This could be vinyl records, cassette tapes, CD's or MP3's, just get comfy and enjoy the music. This is a great way to share because in a way the collection owner is being vulnerable, what guy would want to admit that he has all of Whitney Houston's albums and gets teary-eyed over a few songs. This is a way of letting the person you're dating have some insight into how you think and what you like. This is also a great way to have some fun by acting like a DJ and introducing albums and explaining why you like it, as well as having fun about there being a Katy Perry track in the middle of rap tracks. Keep in mind that if someone shares their music with you, you should do the same, the positives outdo the negatives.

Go To Concerts Or Coffee House Affairs
It could be a huge concert, a music festival or a little gig in a coffee house, whichever it is, there are always opportunity for fun. I know you might not be into that particular genre of music, but the thing is to keep a open mind and remember that when it comes to relationships, it's not all about you. Just for one minute, step outside of yourself and watch how excited and happy your date is. Then tap into that energy, that alone is awesome, but can you imagine the energy from a stadium or wherever full of fans, that is powerful. And when it comes to some entertainers, the experience is not like when you're in your home listening to their music, they are going all out to entertain you. And if that is not enough, you get to meet interesting new people, it could be in the crowds, waiting at the concession stand or waiting in the line for the bathroom. This is an opportunity to create a shared experience, take full advantage of it.

Musical Road Trip
I know down the road I will have a date idea that is a Road Trip, but this one is all about music and not so much about the destination. Back in the day, the folks would bundle us kids up in the car and we would drive around the island and it was fun. You get to see the changes to areas you don't normally visit in your day to day life. I guess that is why I love the idea of road trips, but add music to it and can we say fun. It could be a drive around the island, going to a town or city two cities away, just pack some upbeat music and hit the accelerator. What fun would it be to sing popular songs off key and laugh about it. I know there are a lot of us who know only the chorus of songs and would sing those the loudest and mumble the rest of the song or like me make up different lyrics. Now imagine sharing that with someone you are dating. Fun times, fun times.

I'm sure there are more ways of sharing music and I've just pointed out a few, but here are few things to remember
  • Have fun;
  • Respect the collection, don't insult or whinge on your date's collection because you are insulting your date's choice in music therefor insulting them;
  • If you want to poke fun, make sure you do it in a way that they don't feel hurt;
  • Share and share alike, if they share their music, at a later date share yours;
  • Pay attention to their choices in music and artist, because you can either buy the artist's latest album when it comes out, buy tickets to a concert or just talk about the latest news you heard about the artist (keep the news positive, not gossipy);
  • Pay attention to the content of the music, if the lyrics are negative - degrading women by calling them bitches and ho's or dark and overly moody - take a closer look at your date;
  • Talk about the music, share your thoughts, your date would appreciate that you are really listening and willing to talk about the music he or she loves;
  • If the music is really good, get up and dance;
  • And to end off, have fun;

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