Date #4 - Do What Your Date Loves To Do

9:20 AM


Difficulty - Depends on the activity
Expense - Depends on the activity
Intimacy Level - 5th - 9th date
Fun/Informative - Fun/Informative

So you've gone on a couple dates, talked on the phone excessively and you pretty much have a decent understanding of the person you are dating, you know their likes and dislikes, a couple of their quirks and still you want to know more. This date is an opportunity to see your date at their best, when they are doing something they love.

Instead of suggesting another movie date or dinner date, suggest you do what they love to do. It could be playing their latest game on Xbox, learning the Foxtrot or riding a horse or roller coasters. For one, by suggesting it, it shows that you are paying attention to them and it will make them feel special. It will also be a shock to them, especially if you don't seem like the kind of person that would be into that particular activity. In the end they will be that more interested in you and will be looking forward to the date.

Now, I can understand that you would be a bit nervous, especially if it is something outside of your comfort zone, but this actually adds to your appeal. It shows that you are not perfect and it presents your date an opportunity to teach you about the activity they love. Imagine them talking you through killing some Zombies on PSP, explaining what Impressionist art, how to taste wine or how to hold a pool stick properly. Let's just being in close proximity to each other is a given. Plus teaching someone about something is a great boost to one's self-esteem and people love to be around people who make them feel good.

Another bonus is the experience of seeing someone come alive. When someone is doing something they love they become (I can't believe I can't find a word for it). Anyway, it's awesome because it chips away the mask we all wear to impress others and it shows us for who we are. To a degree, it can be very intimate where as you get to see something your date doesn't show the world. And like the last date, you see them when they are truly happy and at ease.

You may like the experience or you might hate it, but at least you tried it and it didn't kill you. It is important to be honest with your date, if you liked it let them know and hint that you would want to do it again. If you hated it, let them know but don't be rude about it, by doing this you won't be obligated to do it again. Your date will also appreciate your honesty and hopefully they will return the sentiment and suggest doing what you love to do.

Oh and one more thing, remember to have fun.

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