3:02 PM

When I first heard about this, they referred to as a female (Jason) Bourne, so I was hyped to see it because I lurve (notice the stylizing of the word love) the Bourne films. Unfortunately, the trailer has left me lackluster, first the female chosen appears to be acting very manly. Yes, she's supposed to be bad ass and everything, but it seems like overkill. Yes, the list of actors are pretty impressive but I still feel like they are playing the role instead of becoming the role. Perhaps I'm wrong comparing it to the Bourne films but a woman can be bad ass without becoming so much that you feel like she's over doing it. But what the hey, that's my opinion and I think I'll watch this on free pay per view or online.

I think I was little harsh up there, oh well. This next trailer had me laughing through out, it might be giving it away but I want to see it. Warning it is gruesome, just a disclaimer. And I'm in shock, another new concept coming out of Hollywood, WOW!!

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