4:47 PM

I have an honest fear of becoming one of those bloggers who start out blogging on the regular and then peter off into a few blogs a week and then before you know it 9 months to a year pass and not a post on their blog. To be honest I do like to blog but every now and then I get in a funk. Sometimes the funk is related to the weather, sometimes I'm not feeling too hot and sometimes, I just feel so overwhelmed and have lost my direction in life. At this moment, it's a mixture of all, it's rainy and I feel my body fighting a flu or cold and I overworked my body on Saturday, and I just feel like I don't know what I'm doing. Do you know what I need? A vacation!!

A week or two of not doing anything related to work, not related to my life and the routines. Ugh!! Wake up go to work, work out (well I like the results of that one), go home, eek out some more work and go to bed. But I can't, take a vacation that is, I'm broke, the cost to get off this rock is madness and it's a bit on the hard side to get off time from work. What about the future? God only knows. The whole economic sh!+ storm has made it mad hard to do a proper forcast and see where anything is going. Then everytime I think okay, things are looking up, BAM!! something comes out of left field.

Well, I just had to rant, although I've held back a bit, why do I censor myself?!?

Oh yeah, as soon as I get over the funk, we'll be back to the usual posts.

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