Male Appreciation #11

12:29 PM

Last Sunday, my brother asked me the following question:

Hey Kim, What designer would you suggest I look at for new gear ?
My answer was this

It all depends on what you are trying to convey. When it comes to men's fashion, I look at fashion blogs rather than looking at particular designers. Here are some of my favourites

Plus some of these can link you to other sites. My take is the look should reflect your character and should not be too serious. Looks I lurve is a well fitted jacket and attention to detail. There is also a strange line out there which when crossed takes you into hipster land. Tread lightly, dear brother, tread lightly.

I've since added the following to blogs worthy of checking out
the style of of a guy
Justin Chung's Blog

Now when I started this post, I went straight into the elements of style and the whole break down on developing your personal style and then I started to become overwhelmed by my own information. Recently, I've learned that information does not mean knowledge and I'm trying to adopt the mentality that less is more. So here it is in a nutshell,

Let your style reflect who you are as an individual, what you wear should be an extension of your personality which includes but not limited to your likes, your dislikes, and who you are at your core.  But here is something that I think is very important, make sure what you wear makes you feel good, because confidence and pride can take any outfit from okay to awesome. 

I guess I would say this Male Appreciation goes out to the men that own it. By own it, I mean they possess a sense of self worth and able to dress and act with total awareness of who they are and what they are capable of. We might think that we have gone beyond our primal instincts, but truth be told we haven't and the Alpha Male is not the one out there killing the biggest edible beast, it's the one who knows his sh!t is together and acts like it.

Of course that is my take on it. Check out the men who have developed their own style 

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