Palladium - Tokyo Rising

11:29 AM

One of the places I want to go before I die is Tokyo, Japan and it was by chance I came across the documentary. I found it through an article in Sportswear International which spoke about the launch of the documentary.
After the catastrophe of Fukushima, Tokyo has to deal with the aftermath. During times of devastations, the Japanese people impressed the world with their humanity, loyalty and calmness. Tokyo itself inspires the fashion industry for years with its diversity of the Japanese culture, originality, and their impressive talent setting up new trends. For all these reasons, US musician Pharrell Williams in cooperation with French footwear brand Palladium explored the Japanese metropolis with the result of a documentary called “Tokyo Rising” which is divided into five parts. The singer, producer and songwriter talks to local artists, for instance with Verbal, the co-founder of streetwear label Ambush Design and musician of the Teriyaki boys. continue reading
The actual article had the teaser trailer, but I decided to just embed the whole documentary below. Hope you enjoy.

After watching the documentary, I only have one question, How do I move to Tokyo? LOL, I kid, I kid. Actually I liked how people were allowed to express their creativity, although I don't think allow is the right word. I like how the artists on more than one occasion have come together and collaborated and created an environment where they can develop their art, support each other and grow as a collective. I also admire their focus and desire to do what the love and it may not be what I like, but they do it because it's what they like.

If anything, I want to go to Tokyo for inspiration and to jumpstart my creativity. Hopefully, sooner than later, I will travel to the country of the rising sun.

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