Male Appreciation #12

8:42 AM

This post is dedicated to men who understand and respect the word "No". It shows that you are a man of character and strength who has learn to control and suppress his primal urges. It is that control that separates us from the animals.

It also shows that you respect the woman who has said the word with conviction. Her saying it does not mean that she desires you less, but, in fact, she respects herself more. She doesn't want to be perceived as another female body created for your sexual desire. She wants to be perceived as the unique individual that she is, capable of loving and being loved. She could could be a painter, a teacher, a dancer, a chef, a politician, an astronaut, but when you don't heed her "no", you strip her of everything she has ever accomplished and left a woman who had been violated.

We, as women, need you to be stronger than your desires, than your urges because if you can't we can only protect ourselves so much. Some of us might be able to fight back and get away safely, but what about those who can't? Just imagine a beautiful that had been crushed, it will never return to it's glory, it may never be fertilized, it may never bring forward fruit that in turn possesses seeds with so much potential. Or even worse, imagine your sister, your, mother, your aunt, your grandmother, your daughter, your niece, would you want a man to violate them.

You are strong, not only physically, but mentally, and when you use that strength for good, it shows that you are truly a man. There are too many boys walking around, thinking they're men, but a real man knows he is a man and acts accordingly.

So to the men who stops when a woman says "No", I appreciate you.

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