Something You Didn't Know About Me

12:09 PM

Here is a little something people don't know about me: I love motorcycles! I'm not talking about the fast moving Ninja bikes where your bum is higher than your chest or the dirt bikes that just looks off if you're riding on a road. I'm talking about the low riders, the choppers, the bikes that you hop on a take a leisurely ride on some road you don't normally take in your day to day life.

Just imagine a nice summer day, you know the type with just enough clouds that you are not in constant sunlight. You throw a nice lunch in the side bags, throw on a pair of cut off jean shorts, a racer back tank top, a pair of CHiPS' shades, an awesome hat and you hit the road. Stop only when you see something interesting, or check out a little town you heard about.

Perhaps stop at a nice field or somewhere with a great view, unload the food and have lunch. And lunch is not some boring little sandwich, oh no, I'm talking some artery clogging fare that drips everywhere. Swallowing everything down with a lemon shandy (lemonade spiked with beer). Find a safe place and take a nap in the sunlight, in a tree or just lie down and watch the clouds pass by. Forget about everything and be in that moment, because that moment will be written on your cerebral cortex as one of your happiest memories.

Hop back on the bike and make your way to a place that has breath taking views of sunsets. Take in a sunset, pull out a cool leather jacket and a pair of ripped jeans, and let nature put on show, some things need to be savoured every now and then.

Then make your way home, no you don't need pictures or souvenirs because that day was so memorable that all you need is how you felt on that day. You don't have to worry about remembering because it will always be there waiting to be recalled. And instead of going home, stop at a favourite bar or pub and have a nice dinner. And whenever anyone asked how you spent that day, just say you were here and there, knowing all well and good that you had an awesome day.

If only I could ride, I would rent a bike in the States and have a version of the above.

I only have two words: Fuck Yeah!

Is there anything that you love that people would not think you would be into?

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